Project Check List

Project Check List

he most successful players in all team sports are those who have the uncanny ability to see the whole court or field of play. In a sense this is what having a check-list for a successful “Bookcase for Every Child” project is all about. When we can mentally visualize all the steps and details, in order, to go from seeing the horror that illiteracy causes in a person’s life, to the final benediction at your Annual Awards Ceremony, you have seen the whole court or field of play. To ensure the safety of the aircraft and all passengers, by law, every airline pilot has a check list that that he must go over before the plane ever takes off. Please read and check off the following list to ensure that you will greatly increase your chances for success.

____ Secure the right leader and members of your committee.

____ Begin to read books, study the Internet and other articles about literacy, so committee members will be informed when the opportunity comes to make presentations, conduct radio, television and newspaper interviews.

____ Set a date, time and location for your first organizational meeting. Make sure the location will not detract from the community-wide concept of your project.

____ Leader should chair the meeting, and appoint someone to take minutes and later distribute them to committee members. Then select a treasurer to handle the finances for your project.

____ Refer people to this Website and give the address. A great story in your local newspaper will tell everyone in your community about the project and what you plan to accomplish. Be sure to list committee members as everyone has a center of influence.

____ Set a date to have a community-wide book drive, coordinated by your local newspaper, with assistance from your cable station (if available) and local radio station. Have book drop-off boxes around town. Be sure to specify pre-school “gently-used” children’s books.

____ Organize and begin a weekly reading program to Head Start children at the centers. There are many volunteers in every community who would love to go to the centers and read to the children if invited to do so. Have a member of your committee head up this part of the project.

____ Set a date and start planning your Bookcase Literacy Banquet fundraiser. Go back and study this part of the Website and you will see that while there are many details, by going step-by-step it will be very easy to do. Just take it step-by-step and give yourself adequate lead time to avoid stress and unrealistic deadlines.

____ Develop a letter to send to 45-50 prominent members of your community and ask them to donate $50 each year become a member of The Bookcase Club. These are the people who will purchase the food for your banquet as discussed earlier.

____ Make the media a part of your plans. Ask your local newspaper to run one or more articles announcing the banquet and give the details, including a photo of the musical group who will be performing. You can also ask those who purchase tickets to bring pre-school children’s books when they come. A reporter should be there to write a follow-up story to run after your banquet.

____ After your banquet is over and the money is deposited in your account, your craftsmen can order the wood and building supplies to build the bookcases. We recommend 50 or less, since it’s an all volunteer project.

____ Set the date for your Annual Awards Ceremony to present the bookcases to your children being reared in disadvantaged home. This will be the highlight of your year and every person involved will receive a deep sense of personal satisfaction because they are making a difference.