To: Conway Bookcase Project Committee:

After considering and reviewing the information on your Website, we believe this “Bookcase for Every Child” project will be very helpful in improving literacy in our community, especially among the greatest at-risk group, children in disadvantaged homes. We would like to partner with you in carrying out this project. A number of leaders in our community have been a part of this decision-making process. We have a commitment from an individual who will be our leader and others who will serve on our central committee.

These individuals were selected after reading the sections titled, Project Leader and Project Committee and we are excited about getting started. We understand, for obvious reasons, this project is copyrighted and we will abide by the policies you have in place. After the required information has been returned, we will expect, at no cost, a set of bookcase plans and a copy of the Founder’s book, “The New Revised Edition of Learning, Earning & Giving Back.”

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